Playing with Words

Witty Product Copy

“‘Up yours!’ is a phrase typically reserved for raging insults, but we think that's just moonshine. Take it a bit more literally with today's restorative deal: Drop $39 for a 45-minute colon hydrotherapy treatment and a 30-minute infrared message (a $105 value). Owner Tannis Henley brought her 20 years of experience in natural, holistic healing and colon wellness to this Scottsdale center six years ago to help Valley residents regain and maintain health and vitality. Shown to promote weight loss, increase energy, eliminate insomnia, and remedy many abdominal ailments, colon hydrotherapy uses warm, purified water to safely and effectively eliminate waste and toxins stored in the large intestine. And, heating the body at the cellular level, infrared massage can help reduce muscle tension while improving circulation. At 63% off, this deal will clean out your insides without cleaning out your wallet—and we aren't blowing smoke up your...well, you get the picture.”