Training Consciousness

Website Copy Detailing the Methodology of Creation:

“In our universe, nothing exists in isolation. We are all connected, and thus, all creations—all experiences—are shared. They occur in the space between, around, and within what already exists, as a result of new things coming together to interact in new ways.

In the 1970s, Dr. [ ] founded the study of these relational events and all that arises when we experience life, express ourselves, discover each other, and co-create a shared environment. Our program is designed to help individuals translate the information garnered from their relational events into daily life—with the purpose of self-discovery and trauma repatterning.

Unlike the rote, formulaic, and isolated learning models common in the world today, our methodology maintains a unique and experiential focus that ignites a process of remembering, thereby bringing you back into connection with the innate wisdom of life—the innate wisdom you already possess. 

This innate wisdwom—or essential knowledge—serves as your compass, that which guides you and informs your identity. Here, we celebrate and support this type of inside-out meaning-making, where you are not acquiescing to cultural influences that exist outside of yourself, but rather connecting with your own essential knowledge and using it to create the life you want. We call this creation methodology.

Indigenous cultures around the world incorporate experiential rituals as a way of exploring the meaning of life, the process by which meaning is made, and the stories and narratives that arise from that meaning. Our methodology taps into this ancient wisdom—and presents it in a practical, fun step-by-step practice you can immediately use to improve your life.”